Established in 2016, we provide hands-on training to students, only 5% reading materials will be used. Because of completely hands-on training with LAB, our students are able to pass job interviews and able to get the job with confidence. You will need to take exam in certified exam center to become IT Certified.


Because we only take 6 to 8 students a year, we are able to train 12 students and 9 of them are already in IT field as Support Engineer or IT Support Analyst. Below are few students who are now IT Engineers, you can contact them directly via email to get feedback or should you have any questions or concerns.


Ramesh Shrestha, Artesia, CA                 

Navaraj Neupane. Artesia, CA                 

Madan Tripathi, Artesia, CA                     

Raju Chaulagai, Artesia, CA                     

Suman Maharjan, Alhambra, CA              

Alish Pant, El Monte, CA                           

Pranit Tiwari, Melbourne, Australia           

Roshan Khanal, London, UK                    

Sunil Pokhrel, Artesia, CA