Frequently Asked Questions

 01  Do you offer free class and job guaranteed?

We do not offer free class however our fees are very minimal to support operation cost. We believe in quality training and certifications. Therefore you shouldn't worry about getting a job. We are partnered with local recruiting firms to support your job search. We will prepare you for exams, interview, resume building and will provide recommendations. Most of our previous students are able to find jobs within 6 months after training.

 02    How is the class scheduled?

The class is only Sunday mornings from 8 AM to 1 PM in Artesia, California. You will be accessing lab remotely if required and will collaborate with other in the team using "Microsoft Teams" tool. You will be assigned with lab projects and assignments. In future, if there are enough students, we may start class on Saturday as well. We also provide recorded sessions so you can learn faster and on your own time.


During weekdays, you will be working on homework, assignments, projects in a group. All communications and collaboration will be done via Microsoft Teams. Trainers will monitor activities and reviews questions posted and will respond accordingly.

 03 I don't have any computer knowledge, can I join?

You don't need any computer knowledge; we will train you like beginners. Since you will be working with teams, you will learn fast. All we ask is to ensure you are hungry to learn.

 04 Can I join class remotely?

Yes of course. We have high-quality Video conferencing solution using Microsoft Teams in place that enables remote students to join a class and learn at the same time from anywhere in the world as long as students have Internet access. We encourage each remote student to attend at least 1 or 2 class onsite to get in touch with others in a group; however, it is not necessary.

 05  What is minimum education requirements? 

High School Diploma or equivalent is required. This is just because when you are ready to hunt for a job, employers often seek for minimum high school diploma. Computer Science or engineering background is not required.

‚Äč 06  Can I pay monthly? Is there a contract? 

Yes, you can. If you drop for some reason, you don't have to pay the remaining class fee. There is no contract.

 07  What do I need for class? Laptop? 

You will need a good laptop (minimum i5 or i7) with minimum 8GB memory, Windows 7, 8 or 10. All class required applications will be installed during the 1st week of class. You will also need good USB headset with microphone.

 08 Can I take System Admin or Architect without taking IT Technician class? 

No you cannot. You will need to go through each class exercise and certifications process.